Objective Of CMSS

Formalized on 12 May 2011, the CMSS is established in response to growing needs for support and information about Case Management in Singapore.

  • Promote and encourage the practice of case management in Singapore.

  • Provide opportunities for case / care managers, care coordinators to network with each other locally and internationally.

  • Provide a national forum for the common interests of professionals actively involved in Case Management to share experience and knowledge through the meetings, training courses, forums/conferences and publications in the field of Case Management.

  • Promote the professionalism and practice of Case Management in the development of quality standards of performance, skill, service and conduct of Case Managers.

  • Educate the society’s members, healthcare professionals, healthcare service providers and the general public in the advancement and improvement of quality care, professionalism, cost effectiveness and health benefits of Case Management.

  • Promote the respect accorded to case management practice while meeting the best interests of health care practitioners and service providers.